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Performance Art & Learning Program: A History

PAL Group Photo
Photo courtesy of Maurice Ramirez


How it all began...Jore Alabe at PAL

In the fall of 2012, RCW secured seed funding from Perforce Software to launch its Performance Art and Learning (PAL) program with cultural arts education assemblies provided to six local schools (50% of Alameda’s elementary schools). RCW presented six PAL performances of West African, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban music and dance led by local artists in its theater to approximately 900 3rd and 4th graders.

After a successful launch in 2012, RCW received additional funding from Perforce Software, the Rotary Club of Alameda, the Thomas J. Long Foundation, and the Walter and Elise Haas Fund to expand its partnership with the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD). In the 2013-2014 academic year, RCW presented 8 PAL performances of Afro-Cuban, Indonesian, Japanese and Zimbabwean music and dance to more than 1000 3rd and 4th graders. 

LaTiDo at PAL2014 was a landmark year for the PAL program. For the first time, program outreach was expanded to include underserved schools in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) without access to cultural arts programming. Another first for the program, two third-grade classes from neighboring OUSD elementary school, Fruitvale Elementary, were transported to and from Rhythmix at no cost to the school on a private bus. 

The 2015 PAL program will be offer programming to an even greater number of underserved AUSD and OUSD schools. Thanks to a generous grant from The Quest Foundation, RCW is building its capacity by providing transportation to select schools located more than 2 miles from Rhythmix. This additional funding will ensure that students at schools with the greatest need can also benefit from access to the programming offered through PAL. 

2016 PAL Participating Artists:

February 18th: Zydeco music with Andre Thierry [photos]
February 25th: Persian classic music with Mahmoud Nejad [photos]
March 3rd: Polynesian music and dance with Māhealani Uchiyama [photos]
March 24th: Percussion Ensemble with Crosspulse [photos]
September 29th: Zimbabwean music and dance with Chinyakare Ensemble [photos]
October 6th: Indonesian music and dance Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]
October 20th: Aztec drum and dance with Tezkatlipoka [photos]

2015 PAL Participating Artists:

February 19th: Classical Indian Kathak dance with Chitresh Das Dance Company 
March 5th: Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) music and dance with Instructor Sumida [photos]
March 12th: Spanish Flamenco music and dance with Caminos Flamencos [photos]
October 22nd: Afro-Venezuelan music and percussion with Venezuelan Music Project [photos]
October 29th: Mexican music and dance with Cascada de Flores [photos]
November 19th: Pan-Asian movement-based storytelling with Eth-Noh-Tec Ensemble


2014 PAL Participating Artists:

October 2nd: Classical Chinese dance with Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company [photos]
October 16th: Indonesian music and dance with Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]
October 23rd: Congolese music and percussion from Fua Dia Congo [photos]
November 6th: Brazilian samba and choro with Grupo Falso Baiano [photos]
November 13th: Traditional and contemporary Japanese taiko with On Ensemble [photos]

For images of all the assemblies: click for photos.


2013 PAL Participating Artists:

October 17th: African music and dance by Zimbabwean artist Julia Chigamba and artists from the Cheza Nami Foundation
October 24th:  Cuban, Latin American and South American folkloric music by LaTiDo
November 11th:  Indonesian music and dance with artists from Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]
November 24th:  Japanese Taiko Drumming presented by Maze Daiko [photos]

For images of all the assemblies, click for photos


2012 PAL Participating Artists:

October 15th: Brazilian Dance and Drum with Jorge Alabê [Photos]
October 18th: Cuban, Latin American and South American folkloric music by LaTiDo [Photos]
November 11th: Senegalese Dance and Drum with Bu Falle