Intro to Improv Workshop
$ $15 Pre-registration, or $20 at the door
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Saturday, April 15, 2017

Have fun learning the basics of Improv Comedy! Starting with group warm-ups, and using improv games, this workshop gradually builds students up to participating in one-on-one scenes. The supportive environment of the class makes it fun and easy to participate, regardless of experience.

“Oh my goodness; so much fun!” Rosalinda, improv student

“Dan Ronco made me feel comfortable making mistakes in front of a crowd and just going for it.” – Mathew, improv student.

“Dan Ronco did a great job of really making everybody comfortable and teaching us all in a nonchalant, positive way. I loved the workshop.” – Olga, improv student

Its like adult recess!” – Veena, improv student

Instructor Dan Ronco has taught, performed, and studied improv for over 12 years. He trained at IO Chicago, Improv Boston, and with the San Francisco Improv Co-Op. He has taught improv to students of all levels, from introductory improv to training advanced actors and improvisers.