Upcoming Events

Since the world can use more love, The K Gallery presents Coupled, an exhibition of artists who are in love. This is the second group show of married artists, each telling their story in a different way, using textiles, photography, clay, sculpture and performance. “Sit with us by the Campfire” an installation by Janet Koike, offers the opportunity to step away from technology and enjoy a firelight setting with roadtrip imagery. Performing at the campfire will be married musicians Mike Schiess and Melissa Harmon. From the deeply personal to the astutely political, works in this show question how much our view of the world comes from who we live around.

Guarandinga is Oakland, California’s latest sonic awakening – their music creates the perfect platform for the Spanish & English wordplay of Jiménez’s soulful lyrics. Guarandinga’s signature blend of Latin AfroPop integrates hip-hop, rock and Venezuelan folklore with gritty East Bay funk over a solid foundation of Afro-Caribbean beats.

Join us on four consecutive Thursdays, March 1 to March 22, 2018, for this fun, informative cultural and historical survey of the 11 symphonic works of famous Austrian composer Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). Instructor Stephen Schultz will trace the composer’s stylistic evolution during his four stages of creative life and will clarify the main characteristics of each period. The focus will be on the form, harmonic and melodic characteristics, and programmatic and emotional content of the symphonies. Come rock out to the music of the 19th century’s greatest symphony composer!