Island City Waterways History Talk: The People of Neptune Beach
$ $10
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Friday, May 4, 2018


From madcap motorcyclists to the founder of the health club, from Hollywood’s Tarzan to the creator of the Popsicle – Alameda’s Neptune Beach Amusement Park attracted a fabulous mélange of personality. Meet the only man in both the surfing and swimming hall of fame, and the woman who could outswim all men. Mob the celebrities, egg on the child boxers, compete in necking contests on the Scenic Railway and gasp as a girl plummets from the Whoopee, all while a terrorist threatens to blow up the entire park. Watch as the City Council deals with the scandal of exposed ankles on the beach, and follow Miss America 1925 in her rise out of Neptune’s pool to the nation’s beauty crown. Daredevil aerialists, entrepreneurs, entertainers and athletes alike, the list of amazing people to pass through Neptune Beach could be used to define the term Americana.