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-K GALLERY at Rhythmix Cultural Works

The mission of Rhythmix Cultural Works is to bring people together through culture and the arts. The exhibitions shown in the K Gallery are constantly evolving to reflect the vitality of the Bay Area cultural arts community. Gallery Hours: Wed, 6:00 to 9:00 pm or call to schedule an appointment.

Now Showing:

Power Box Art Show

When: Sept 12th – Oct 30th
Where: K Gallery, Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding, Alameda
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept 12th, 6pm-9pm, as part of the Power Box Art Kick-Off Reception

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Power Box Art Show features artwork created by the same artists who are wrapping their visions around utility transformers on our city streets.

Artists: Emily Bonnes, Delenna Britnell, Nancy Crookston, Flavia Krasilchik, Clare Rickard, Chris Rummell, Stephen Seche, Jessica Warren, and Wesley Warren


Power Box Art Show Artists

Emily Bonnes is currently the creative reuse coordinator at Redux Studios and Gallery. She received her BA in studio art from Willamette University in Salem Oregon. Currently she lives happily in Alameda with my husband Marshall and our two bunnies Nickolas and Sherona. Image: #15 (left)











Delenna Britnell.

These creations came to life during an extraordinary adventure in New Zealand, with the inspiring land weaving images into my subconscious. Image: Fall (right)










 Nancy Seamons Crookston is a Bay area artist who is listed in the Master division of Oil Painters of America.  Her art is sold in galleries nationwide and she has had multiple shows in China and Japan.  Her painting Conserve for Power Box project was inspired by the fish that reside at one of her favorite restaurants in Alameda," The Ark".
Image:  Gold Coast 2





Flavia Krasilchik

“Waking in the Alameda morning, I marvel at the beauty of the birds through my bedroom window. Image (below, left): Bird 1











Clare Rikard

I work with digital and mixed media art to preserve memories or to create them.
Image (right): Camera 2












Chris Rummell

My works are built through a process of systematic accumulation and removal, layering over previously finished elements with new ones. Combining traditional techniques of signmaking and graphic design with intuitive and vernacular mark making, my work communicates with multiple voices simultaneously.
Image (left): "Structures" (installation detail)





Stephen Seche

A drawing a day. 

My initial motivation for drawing everyday was a desire to recapture the simple joy of drawing. As a kid, drawing was a pleasure and an escape that I happily spent many hours doing. I wanted to remove the formality of art making to allow myself to not have a plan.

Image (right): Cafe with nest and container ship








Jessica Warren

Raised on the shores along St. Petersburg, Florida by 3 women -  my mother and two older sisters - I find I have always been particularly drawn to incorporating women into my work. My very first painting was of Mary Magdalene and since then has been an array of women dear to me in one form or another. I am a "self taught" artist but learned a lot of skills through my mother, my husband and other fellow artists along the way.  I moved all the way from St. Petersburg with my husband and partner in crime, Wesley E.  Warren. We currently reside in a little town called Alameda where we paint out of our studio, check out local sketch meetups and gallery hop.  It is hard to pinpoint my biggest influences, however, I am very fond of Alice Neel, Matisse & Van Gogh.  I work mostly in Acrylic and Ink. I have been showing and selling my work for about 20 years now from Atlanta to Oakland.
Image (above, right): Child Bride

Wesley E. Warren

I work primarily in acrylic on canvas, but also do some pencil and ink work, metal, lino cut prints and like to experiment with many forms of visual art.
I have had dozens of shows and have sold work in Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa, Columbus Ohio, Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area. I have created installations and murals in nightclubs and bars in many of the same cities. I have been showing work since 1989. I currently work in Alameda California and help run Studio 23 Gallery with my wife and fellow artists, Jessica Warren.
Image (left): Piedmont Avenue


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