LOIAW Call For Artists

LOIAW Call For Artists


K Gallery | Rhythmix Cultural Works
2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501


Installations in Empty Store fronts by Bay Area Artists
2018 Exhibition Opening Dates (multiple venues per date): 
March 9, April 13 (artists already selected)
June 8, July 13, September 14, December 14 (artists to be selected by panel review)

Guidelines Released: November 6, 2017

Applications Due: January 8, 2018

Panel Review: January 2018

Artist Notification: February 2, 2018

Public Announcement: March 2018


The country and the world are living through turbulent times, rife with political, social, and natural upheaval. American politics are more polarized than at any point in modern history, and our social institutions are rightly being exposed for perpetuating systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression.

Yet, even against this adverse backdrop, there is much that still inspires awe and wonder. Some within the artistic community have called for the exclusive production of art works that respond to our current social and political turmoil. This show starts from the premise that beauty itself is a radical act.

By honing in on certain subject matters, materials, colors, shapes and patterns, artists put forward through their work images and ideas they believe are worthy of attention. In this context, paying attention is a form of beauty, as well as a radical departure from what we are often told to value.

Application Guidelines

Round 1 of this series of exhibitions will take place through 2018 in the storefront windows of empty buildings (up to three per exhibition) along Alameda’s Park Street business corridor. Projects will remain in place for up to three months depending on agreements with site landlords and/or lessees. Openings will take place as part of Alameda’s Second Friday Art Walks and will feature live musical performances at or near each window. Stipends of $1,000 and a materials budget of $200 will be awarded to help realize selected projects.

To be considered, artists should respond with a clear Statement of Intent that: 1.) makes a case for an aesthetic, a way of seeing, or an idea about beauty and its relevance in 2018; 2.) describes how the project benefits from being put on view in a public storefront window along an active business corridor; and 3.) articulates as best as possible what the finished project will look like. Artists should assume that audiences will not have access to the interior of the spaces and therefore will be viewing projects solely through street‐facing windows.

Applications are open to artists working in or across all disciplines, including time­‐based media and performance pieces. Preference will be given to proposals that take advantage of the installation­‐based nature of the program to create an environment (versus ones that emphasize setting up a gallery display). Artists need not have publicly displayed installation­‐based work in the past to be considered.

Alteration of the space may be limited in type and amount, depending on the site and agreements with individual landlords and/or lessees. Artists will be responsible for returning the storefront space to its original condition upon deinstallation.

Projects will be selected by a review panel made up of interdisciplinary artists, members of the Downtown Alameda Business Association, and other prominent members of the community.


  • All artists over the age of 18 and practicing in the Bay Area are eligible.
  • Artwork in any media is welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, drawing, painting, illustration, multimedia, sculpture, photography and time‐based works. Graphic design and craft‐based proposals are also encouraged.
  • Artworks may be representational or non­‐representational.
  • Artwork cannot exceed the physical constraints of site­‐specific location.

Submission  Requirements

  • A written Statement of  Intent (no more than one page) outlining your proposed project, in PDF format. Please be as specific as you can in describing what your project will look like. We understand, given the time from application to realization, that most ideas will evolve; please give us your best thinking about the project at this time in as concrete terms as possible. Statements and images will be given equal consideration in selecting artists for the program.
  • Up to five images for review. Images should be of high quality, and of works made in the last five years. Label each image using the following convention:

LastNameFirstInitial_01.jpg  (e.g.,    DoeJ_01.jpg)    

Submit images as jpg files ONLY at 1000 pixels on the longest side at 300 dpi.

  • A numbered List of Works corresponding to your images, in PDF format, with title,  medium, dimensions and year for each work.
  • Artist CV or Resume, in PDF format.
  • Send submissions to submissions at rhythmix.org. Please specify “Radical Beauty Submission” in the subject line of the email to ensure consideration.

About the Project

Radical Beauty is organized by Rhythmix Cultural Works in partnership with the Downtown Alameda Business Association and the City of Alameda as part of the Love Our Island Art Walk, a two‐year project that temporarily places art in empty storefront windows on and around the city’s Park Street business corridor. Live musical performances will accompany each window at opening events held during regularly scheduled Second Friday Art Walks. Support for the project is generously provided by the California Arts Council.

Questions can be directed to submissions at rhythmix.org. Download PDF of the Request for Proprosal.