Performance Art & Learning Program

Rhythmix Cultural Works believes that exposure to the arts can be a transformative experience and a catalyst for cultural celebration. In support of this vision, Rhythmix developed PAL, as an assembly-based youth arts education program in collaboration with the Alameda Unified School District. PAL fosters awareness of world cultures and empowers underserved youth through exposure to educational music and dance performances.

The PAL program is designed to provide a cross-section of music and dance traditions from cultures around the world, performed by artists of the highest caliber. Partnering with Alameda and Oakland Unified School Districts with the support of the Alameda Education Foundation, to provide multicultural experiences not offered elsewhere in the community enables Rhythmix to expand its outreach, create more value as a community resource, and build stronger ties to a more diverse population.

Thanks to the belief in the power of arts education and generous support from the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation, the California Arts Council, the Kiwanis Club of Alameda, the Newman’s Own Foundation, the Quest Foundation, the West End Arts & Entertainment District and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, PAL programming has been provided to more than 10,000 students at no cost to participating schools since its inception in 2012.

We also would like to thank our past funders for their support in this program: The Perforce Foundation, the Rotary Club of Alameda, the Thomas J. Long Foundation and the Walter and Elise Haas Foundation.

2018 PAL Participating Artists (Spring):

Thursday, March 1: North Indian Classical Music with Ali Akbar Khan College of Music [photos]
Thursday, March 8: Eastern Europe Women’s Vocal Ensemble with Kitka [photos]
Thursday, March 15: Indonesian Music and Dance with Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]

2017 PAL Participating Artists (Fall):

Thursday, September 28: Mexican Music and Dance with Cascada de Flores [photos]

Thursday, October 5: Native American Dance with Sewam Dance [photos]

Thursday, October 19: Polynesian Dance with Mahealani Uchiyama [photos]
Thursday, November 9: Percussion Ensemble with Crosspulse [photos]

2017 PAL Participating Artists (Spring):

Thursday, February 23: Music of New Orleans with CHELLE! And Friends [photos]
Thursday, March 2: Filipino Folk Dances with Parangal Dance Company [photos]
Thursday, March 9: Latin Wind Music with Quinteto Latino [photos]

2016 PAL Participating Artists:

February 18th: Zydeco music with Andre Thierry [photos]
February 25th: Persian classic music with Mahmoud Nejad [photos]
March 3rd: Polynesian music and dance with Māhealani Uchiyama [photos] 
March 24th: Percussion Ensemble with Crosspulse [photos]
September 29th: Zimbabwean music and dance with Chinyakare Ensemble [photos] 
October 6th: Indonesian music and dance Gamelan Sekar Jaya
October 20th: Aztec drum and dance with Tezkatlipoka [photos]

2015 PAL Participating Artists:

February 19th: Classical Indian Kathak dance with Chitresh Das Dance Company 
March 5th: Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) music and dance with Professor Sumido [photos]
March 12th: Spanish Flamenco music and dance with Caminos Flamencos [photos]
October 22nd: Afro-Venezuelan music and percussion with Venezuelan Music Project [photos]
October 29th: Mexican music and dance with Cascada de Flores [photos]
November 19th: Pan-Asian movement-based storytelling with Eth-Noh-Tec Ensemble

2014 PAL Participating Artists:

October 2nd: Classical Chinese dance with Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company [photos]
October 16th: Indonesian music and dance with Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]
October 23rd: Congolese music and percussion from Fua Dia Congo [photos]
November 6th: Brazilian samba and choro with Grupo Falso Baiano [photos]
November 13th: Traditional and contemporary Japanese taiko with On Ensemble [photos]

For images of all the assemblies: click for photos.

2013 PAL Participating Artists:

October 17th: African music and dance by Zimbabwean artist Julia Chigamba and artists from the Cheza Nami Foundation
October 24th:  Cuban, Latin American and South American folkloric music by LaTiDo
November 11th:  Indonesian music and dance with artists from Gamelan Sekar Jaya [photos]
November 24th:  Japanese Taiko Drumming presented by Maze Daiko [photos]

For images of all the assemblies, click for photos

2012 PAL Participating Artists:

October 15th: Brazilian Dance and Drum with Jorge Alabê [Photos]
October 18th: Cuban, Latin American and South American folkloric music by LaTiDo [Photos]
November 11th: Senegalese Dance and Drum with Bu Falle

For more information regarding your school’s participation or to become a Rhythmix PAL, please send us an email.

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